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We are focused on COVID-19 vaccination, and rightly so: It is the way out of this pandemic. Please watch for state guidance, sign up for the vaccine when you can and then keep your appointment – as 105-year-old Sophie Connors did as chronicled in the story and video below. This newsletter also addresses the fact that some have struggled with this illness for months, another reminder of the importance of slowing the spread of the virus right now. We must continue to practice prevention via masking, distancing and hand hygiene. Those simple actions are saving lives.

John R. Brumsted, MD
President and CEO, UVM Health Network

105-Year-Old Gets COVID-19 Vaccine

Sophie Connors has seen a lot in her lifetime, including the Spanish Flu of 1918. This week she got her first dose of the vaccine. "It's a thing to do to get rid of this COVID."

EMT receives vaccine

"It feels wonderful to be vaccinated. It's just really great to feel like I've taken a step back toward normal again."

~ Sarah Cooper, First Responder 


fact-box-vaccine-did-you-know (6).jpg

You should still wear a mask, clean your hands and keep your distance even after you've had the COVID-19 vaccine. 


Can I Go Inside to Visit Grandma Now That She's Been Vaccinated? 

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Your Provider Will See You Now...Online.

COVID-19 has vastly expanded the use of video and phone visits, in addition to in-person appointments. Is this the future of health care?

The Long and Uncertain Road to Recovery

Months after having COVID-19, Becky Aitchison still experiences mystifying symptoms that make her wonder if she will ever again feel 100 percent healthy. Now she's participating in a study at UVM Larner College of Medicine that aims to find out how COVID-19 affects the lungs.

Want Better Health? Just a Minute. 

Research shows that some people reap mental health benefits from just a minute a day of mindfulness. Here are seven tips to get started.