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The simple act of expressing gratitude can have a positive impact on our health, well-being and relationships, and that’s so important during times like these. I am grateful for the many connections and common bonds that continue to make us a community – in fact, a family – of caregivers, patients and neighbors throughout all the trials of this year.

John R. Brumsted, MD
President and CEO, UVM Health Network

How Can Gratitude Benefit Your Mind and Body?

Our expert shares the science of gratitude, along with three exercises that can help you feel more positive and less stressed.

Giving Thanks by Staying Apart

A physician shares how his family changed this year's holiday plan with the hopes of gathering together next year. 

Need Another Reason to Wear a Face Mask? Your Own Protection

Recent evidence suggests that masks let fewer viral particles into your body, making it easier for your immune system to battle COVID-19.

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Now More Than Ever, Your Flu Shot Matters.

We know that getting the flu shot can reduce your risk of serious illness from this particular virus – an important health benefit especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Spread Facts

"The virus spreads primarily in small gatherings of friends and family." 

- Deborah Birx, MD, coordinator of the White House coronavirus task force, speaking at the University of Vermont on October 10.


Did you know

That most people who get sick after being vaccinated experience a less severe case of the flu?